Social Responsibility

We simply think differently at Canus.

Our company’s success isn’t measured by the amount of product sold. Instead, we look at how many people’s lives get better along the way. That includes our consumers, employees, dairy partners, vendors and goats! 

We strive to make a meaningful difference in communities near and far by supporting such great charities as the Komen Race for the Cure Events, Ronald McDonald Houses in both the US and Canada, and the American Cancer Society HOPE Lodges. 


We love nature.

We understand that the environment in which we operate is very fragile. Our values ​​have led us to develop products that are not only good for the individual but for the environment as well.


 All of our products have always been phosphate-free

  • Our flow wrap packaging has an ecofriendly cycle
  • We use only fresh goat's milk from a pool of local dairy farmers
  • Our latest package redesign uses thinner carton boxes, reducing carton corrugation by 8%

 We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Our warehouses are equipped with intelligent lighting, automatically switching the lights off when no one is in the area
  • Since 2013, every corporate car that needs to be replaced has been a hybrid car
  • We use recycled carton boxes for our master cases
  • We offer employees recyclable bins for paper and batteries. We receive funds for recyclable cans which are offered to sportive clubs

As a company that relies on more than a hundred goat farmers, we hold our sense of social responsibility near to our hearts and are keenly aware of the impact we have on our community and the families we help support.

• Economic security & viability
• Low external goods use
• Good work conditions
• Life Quality
• Respect for cultural and local traditions
• High quality products
• Transparency commitment
• Zero chemical contamination
• Biological Biodiversity
• Integral waste management
• Natural resources conservation